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Nagaoka CL-1000 Rolling cleaner
produs în ambalaj original

A record cleaner featuring a roll madeour of  very soft silicone elastomer. One of the properties of this elastomer is that it is sticky. When rolling the cleaner over the record while applying a little pressure, the elastomer will deform and take the shape of the record groove. Any dust particles in the groove will stick to the rolling cleaner and be removed in that way.  When the roll has become dusty simply wash it under tap water using a little hand soap. The dust will easily be rinsed off. After drying the roll with lint free paper, it will become just as sticky as when it was new. There is no danger that you will damage the label when rolling over the label. Made in Japan.

Preţ: 99.00 €/Buc.

Tonar Tacky Cleaner
produs în ambalaj original

The Tonar Tacky Cleaner uses a special grade of rubber elastomer that never loses its original surface tackiness. Just rolling it lightly over the record surface in straight lines is enough to remove dust and dirt trapped in the grooves. When the roller has become dirty it is easy to clean. Just remove from the holder and wash with a little bit of hand soap under the tap with water.  After drying the roller with a lint-free paper cloth it regains its original tackiness.

Preţ: 29.95 €/Buc.

Inakustik Premium Record Carbon Brush
produs în ambalaj original

This antistatic carbon-fibre brush, with more than a million extremely fine fibres, is especially effective at removing even the tiniest grains of dust and particles of dirt from the record grooves. The static charge is also greatly reduced. The result is an audibly improved sound experience and a longer life for your record collection.

Preţ listă: 13.56 €
Preţ Audio Alchemy: 11/Buc.!!!

Tonar Dust Jockey Carbon Fiber And Velvet Brush
produs în ambalaj original

This state-of-the-art record cleaning brush combines the properties of the Tonar Classic brush and the Nostatic brush into one brush! The center part of the brush is made of ultra-fine pole high quality velvet. This velvet is flanked on both sides by a thick layer of very fine carbon fibers. The carbon fibers remove the static from the record so the dust lays loose and can be easily picked up by the velvet in the middleof the brush even from deep in the record grooves.

Preţ: 21.00 €/Buc.

Pro-Ject Brush-IT
produs în ambalaj original

Every vinyl lovers essential piece of kit; a brush specially designed to keep your precious vinyl in optimum playing condition; free of atmospheric and residue blemishes (unfortunately there is no total cure for scratches).
Simply run this brush around your record to clean the groove out before playing.

Preţ: 23.25 €/Buc.

AudioQuest Record Brush
produs în ambalaj original

Made from carbon fibers, the AudioQuest record brush gently reaches into the groove, pulling out dust and dirt that would otherwise snap, crackle, and pop through your speakers. Don't let those little intrusions turn into big interruptions.

Preţ: 24.50 €/Buc.

Tonar WoodGoat
produs în ambalaj original

This brush has an wooden handle and it is manufactured from pure goat hair and is used to clean records using liquid.The shape of the bristles is such that they are perfect for entering the record grooves and cleaning them thoroughly.

Preţ: 25.00 €/Buc.

Tonar WetGoat
produs în ambalaj original

This brush is manufactured from pure goat hair and is used to clean records using liquid.The shape of the bristles is such that they are perfect for entering the record grooves and cleaning them thoroughly.

Preţ: 18.00 €/Buc.

Tonar NoStatic Arm
produs în ambalaj original

The Nostatic Arm is the modern version of the formerly well known “Dust Bug” by Cecil Watts. The Nostatic arm incorporates a carbon fiber brush that removes the static electricity from the record during playback, and at the same time picks up the loose dust before the stylus reaches that part of the record. The Nostatic arm has an earth wire which is connected to the earth of the record player or the amplifier. The height can be easily adjusted to fit most record players. It also has a sliding weight in order to adjust the “dusting force” of the brush. Finally the base of the brush has sticky tape so if preferred it can be stuck to the surface of the record player for easy use.

Preţ: 22.95 €/Buc.

Tonar Clean Tip
produs în ambalaj original


Clean tip carbon fiber stylus cleaner. By using this brush, you can remove most dirt and deposits from the stylus tip, which stops the cartridge mis-reading the groove of the record wall, causing a sub-par performance.

Preţ: 10.00 €/Buc.

Pro-Ject Clean-IT
produs în ambalaj original


The Clean-IT is a Carbon Fibre Stylus Brush that is a simple but effective device that can help prolong the life of your precious cartridge and vinyl records. By using this brush, you can remove most dirt and deposits from the stylus tip, which stops the cartridge mis-reading the groove of the record wall, causing a sub-par performance.

Preţ: 15.50 €/Buc.

Nagaoka 102 Anti-static Record Sleeves
produs în ambalaj original

Paper sleeves leave dust on the record and poly ethylene sleeves cling to the record. When removing the record from the sleeve, the poly ethylene generates a static charge which attracts the sleeve to the record and causes the dust caught between the sleeve and the record to scratch the record.  The world famous Nagaoka Discfile no: 102 is anti-static and super slippery thus leaving the record completely unharmed.
Made in Japan.

Preţ: 29.95 €/50Buc.

Nagaoka 108/3 LP Jacket Cover
produs în ambalaj original

Protect your valuable record albums covers from dust, grease and scratches with these outer covers.
Made in Japan.

Preţ: 8.95 €/10Buc.

Winyl One Touch Polymer
Stylus Tip Dry Cleaner
produs în ambalaj original

Made from an innovative solid polyurethane (PU) polymer, ultra-soft, highly elastic and strong adhesive ability to keep the Stylus in pristine condition, liquid-free, solvent-free, One-Touch Polymer is the ultimate stylus cleaner solution. Designed to provide an easy and effective cleaning process for an audiophile experience.
. 100% safe.
. Remove dust and microscopic dirt.
. Leave no residue on the Stylus tip.
. Clean corner-gap between cantilever and stylus.
. No stress to the suspension and cantilever.
. Reduce noise and distortion.
Easy to use
Place the cartridge above One-Touch, lower it slowly until the stylus needle is inserted into the polymer and lift it up. The dirt will stick to the polymer surface.
Long lasting for demanding users
100% monocomponent PU polymer. Stable, no liquids, no evaporation. Washable for repeated use once and once again for long years.
Made in Spain.

Preţ: 27.90 €/Set

Winyl Stylus Duo Clean Set
produs în ambalaj original

Stylus Duo Clean Lab-21 formula is a complete and effective cleaning solution for the delicate tip stylus. Its non-abrasive cleaning fluid improves tonal accuracy and High Fidelity performance and preserves the life of the stylus and record.
Special Double Set for preserving the purity of the Cleaner. Bottle One contains the stylus cleaning solution and brush. Bottle Two contains the rinse solution for the brush, keeping it debris free which in turn helps preserve the contents of Bottle One.
•  Removes dust and dirt particles.
•  Extends both stylus and record life.
•  Reduces noise and distortion.
•  Improves tracking ability.
•  Completely safe for all stylus and cartridge assemblies.
Content of the box
•  Cleaner. 15 ml. glass bottle built-in soft brush in cap
•  Rinse Solution. 15 ml. glass bottle
•  Instructions (English, German, French and Spanish)
Made in Spain.

Preţ: 12.90 €/Set

Nagaoka AM-801/II stylus cleaner
produs în ambalaj original

Due to air pollution caused by both outside influences (traffic) and domestic influences (kitchen, smoking) a sticky film is deposited over time on to your records. During playback the stylus will scrape this deposit from the groove which in turn causes a sticky film to form around the stylus tip which in turn traps other dirt and dust found on your record. This easily visible thick deposit not only influences the quality of the sound but may even cause damage to your favorite records.The special formula of the Nagaoka AM-801 efficiently dissolves all the sticky substance caught on the stylus and removes this as well as the dirt trapped.
Made in Japan.

Preţ: 19.95 €/Buc.

Winyl Record Cleaning Spray
produs în ambalaj original

Winyl Spray is a vinyl cleaner for everyday use, specially designed to keep your vinyl collection in good condition. Effective against dust, grease, sand, fingerprints, tobacco residue, oils, residue from other cleaners, etc. Eliminates static electricity.
Its formula has been developed to leave no residue in the groove. Its ingredients are Laboratory Grade to guarantee no trace of contaminants.
Winyl cleaners are original and devised by their chemists and vinyl record collectors. They use the best raw materials and with quality controls before and after manufacturing. With Winyl you will have the guarantee of a product manufactured in Europe.
Box content:
•  250 ml. bottle
•  Microfiber Cloth
•  Instructions
Made in Spain.

Preţ: 9.95 €/Buc.

Winyl Advanced Cleaning Gel
produs în ambalaj original

Winyl Gel is a formula developed by Chemists and Record Collectors to give exceptional quality cleaning to ensure the best sound. It works like a facemask taking out clicks and pops. Winyl Gel is the best cleaning product to reach deep inside the groove, trapping and extracting the microscopic dirt.
Winyl Gel removes dirt that causes annoying noises, improving the soundstage from LP playback, providing a clear and faithful listening experience. It takes away the troublesome static electricity accumulated on the record surface.
The Gel cleaning system is more effective than vacuum wet cleaning machines for very dirt and old records. With Winyl Gel you can restore the original sound of your vinyl records.
When to use it?
It is recommended to be used when common cleaners do not work, for old records with encrusted dirt, for audiophile customers who need the best results, for valuable records from second hand and demanding users who want to preserve their record collection in mint condition.
How is it used?
•  Use the syringe to dispense the recommended dosage.
•  Do not put the Gel on the record edge or centre label.
•  Apply a slight pressure to distribute the Gel evenly around the record to ensure penetration within the groove.
•  Make sure the Gel is spread out evenly. Avoid areas with too much or too few product.
•  Check the film is completely dry before taking off.
•  Peel off the film slowly.
Each jar of 360 ml. comes supplied with a pair of syringes for applying the Gel to Singles and LPs and the instructions in 4 languages.
Made in Spain.
click pe imagine pentru detalii!

Preţ: 19.95 €/Buc.

Nagaoka Recopack DC-203 record cleaner
Produs în ambalaj original

This is a cleaning system for very dirty records. A syrup is distributed on the record using the supplied dispenser. A removal tag is placed on the edge of the record, halfway, in the still fluid syrup. Then the syrup is allowed to dry into a film during 24 hours. Once the film is dry you can remove it carefully by lifting the tab. All parts that do not belong to the record are now trapped in the film, even residue from previous use of for instance the Lenco clean fluid.
Made in Japan.

Preţ: 39.00 €/Set

Winyl PRO Clean-6
produs în ambalaj original

•  Concentrate makes 6 litres of cleaning fluid with distilled water.
•  For Vinyl Records, Shellac (78 rpm), Lacquer (Acetates) and Styrene (45s).
•  Alcohol Free, no aggressive chemicals, no brighteners.
•  Removes a wide range of dirt, increasing bass response and improving soundstage clarity from LP playback.
•  For vacuum cleaning machines (RCM), Knosti type machines, manual washing & Ultrasounds cleaning.
•  It does not leave any residues into the groove and the stylus thanks to its high purity formula without unnecessary compounds.
•  Anti-static formula.
•  Non-Toxic, Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
•  You can clean hundreds of records very cost-effective.
•  Fluid formula, clear, colourless and odourless. Mixed with distilled water it does not get cloudy and particles do not separate.
Bottle makes 6 litres of cleaning fluid
2 Syringes for accurate measurement
2 Dispensing Needle
Instructions (EN, ES, FR, DE)
Made in Spain.

Preţ: 28.90 €/Buc.


Stillpoints LP Isolator (LPI)
produs original

Conţine 5 compartimente cu bile ceramice ce acţionează ca un filtru pentru a reduce transferul vibraţiilor. Reduce DRAMATIC efectele negative ale vibraţiilor exterioare şi a rezonanţelor în orice sistem.
Perfect pentru a fi plasat pe pickup-uri, incinte acustice sau pe transformatoarele amplificatoarelor cu tuburi. Material şi finisaj oţel inoxidabil.
Made in USA.
Garanţie pe viaţă!

Preţ listă: 660 €/Buc.
Preţ Audio Alchemy:
460 €/Buc.!!!

Nagaoka AD-653 aluminum 45rpm single adapter
Produs în ambalaj original

This record adaptor has been designed to be used with your 45 RPM records that no longer have the centres in them enabling you to play your old favourites.
Made in Japan.

Preţ: 17.95 €/Buc.

Audio Alchemy Stabilizer/Plate Weight

- Good pressure distribution.
- Improved contact of the pickup.
- Help with wavy plates. They usually become flatter
and the sound in the bass more precise.
- In the case of the acrylic plate without a mat, sometimes the plates slip. Clean with the carbon brush!
- Thin plates, which create a hollow sound in the inlet groove, are immobilized.
Technical specifications:
Height: 34mm
Diameter: 77mm
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 280g

click pe imagine pentru detalii!

Preţ: 29 €/Buc.

Nagaoka BN-7 cartridge mounting screws
produs în ambalaj original

Setul include:
M2.6 x 3mm         4 buc.
M2.6 x 6mm         2 buc.
M2.6 x 8mm         2 buc.
M2.6 x 10mm       2 buc.
M2.6 x 12mm       2 buc.
M2.6 x 14mm       2 buc.
M2.6 x 18mm       4 buc.
M2.6 Nut               4 buc.
Nylon Washer       4 buc.
Culoare argintiu sau negru.
Made in Japan.

Preţ: 16.00 €/Set